About Us

We didn't discover tamarind, we fell in love with it. 

Tamarelo Tamarind Liqueur Bottle on Table

Do you remember your first taste of tamarind? Enjoyed around the world, tamarind has been consumed for hundreds of years. Grown along the Equator tamarind is enjoyed in aguas frescas (like a lemonade), chutneys, candies, soups, salads and even the "tang" in some Worcesteshire sauces. There may not be a tropical fruit flavor more widely used than tamarind.

(Tamarelo®, ginger & pineapple juice with a ginger-salted rim)

Love at first bite 

Our first bite of tamarind made us almost fall over from the powerful flavor while enjoying its sweet sourness freshly shelled with margaritas at a local taco stand in 2011. Every bite made our mouth water. Like a happy rooster waking at the morning sun, we woke up to one idea: we wanted that tamarind flavor in our bars at home, and in our favorite cocktails. We wanted to share it with our friends. We wanted to invent new cocktails without the hassle of using tamarind from scratch every time. We made Tamarelo® so everyone could enjoy tamarind in their cocktails, too. With Tamarelo® you can mix with almost anything including tamarind versions of classics like Mexican frijolitos, Kenyan dawas, and Brazilian caipirinhas. You can pair Tamarelo® with tacos, roti, cassava pone, or anything off the grill, especially when it's over a big cup of ice on the beach (try dropping a hardwood charcoal roasted jalapeno with salt and lime in a tumbler of Tamarelo® then enjoy both). There are so many ways to mix Tamarelo® we'd love to see how you do it so share your pictures on Instagram by tagging and following us @tamarelo. Please enjoy responsibly.



From glacier to glass, we stay as waste-free as we can. From low-waste packaging made of paper, glass, and  patent-pending mostly-compostable all-cork t-top (we only use plastic in a small seal around the top) to the recycled cardboard case, and even our location next to the water source that cuts energy costs while drawing from pure Cascades Mountains water, our environmental footprint is low because we think Mother nature deserves the VIP treatment, and because we want to preserve natural places in the tropics so our kids may live to see them, too. We hope you'll help by recycling the bottles and cases.

Tamarind + Love = Tamarelo®