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Tamarelo Cocktail Recipes


Du Nord Spirits X Tamarelo

Dirty Minne Pho Tamarind Martini

1.5 OZ Du Nord Vodka
1.0 OZ Tamarelo
0.5 OZ Carmelized Onion Brine
Drop of liquid smoke

Fat wash vodka in charred beef fat.Combine all ingredients, shake with ice, strain, garnish with jalapeno.


Quiereme Mezcal X Tamarelo

Guerrilla Wireless 

1.0 OZ Quiereme Mezcal
1.0 OZ Tamarelo
0.5 OZ Lime Juice
0.5 OZ Agave Syrup
0.75 OZ Ginger Tumeric Adobo Shrub

Combine all ingredients in a shaker. Tajin rim / tamarind candy garnish.

Good Fucking Wine X Tamarelo

Tamarindo Gluhwein

1/2 Medium Orange
20 Whole Cloves
2 Cinnamon Sticks
2 Whole Star Anise
3/4 cup water
3/8 (750ml) GFW California Red Blend
1/2 Bottle Tamarelo

Combine all ingredients in water & simmer for 10 minutes until peels are cooked. Reduce heat. Add wine & simmer 10 minutes. Take off heat. Add Tamarelo & serve in small mugs.

Sunny With A Chance of Flowers X Tamarelo

Sangria Blanco de Tamarindo 

1/2 Bottle Sunny Sauvignon Blanc
1/4 Bottle Tamarelo 
1 Medium Lemon
1 Medium Lime
8-10 Mint Leaves

Slice lemon and lime into 1/2 discs. Chop mint to medium size pieces. Add all ingredients to pitcher. Stir/let sit for 10 minutes with ice. Strain ice and pour into glasses. Garnish with mint sprig and lime wheel.

Campesino Rum X Tamarelo

Ground Control to Major Tom Kha

2.0 OZ Campasino Rum
2.0 OZ Tamarelo
0.5 OZ Aroy-D Tom Kha Soup Paste
0.5 OZ Tamarelo tamarind liqueur

Mix all ingredients at room temperature. Shake with ice. Strain. Garnish with kaffir lime and cilantro blossom.

Romeo's Gin RTD X Tamarelo

Tybalt's Tamarind G&T

8 Oz Romeo's Gin + Tonic
4 OZ Tamarelo
Squeeze of Lime

Pour can of Romeo's + Tamarelo over ice in any cup with ice. Squeeze lime. Enjoy. 


Post Meridiem X Tamarelo

Ante Meridiem Tamarind Margarita

1 Can (3.4 OZ) PM Lime Margarita
2 OZ Tamarelo

Pour can of Post Meridiem + Tamarelo over ice in any cup with ice. Enjoy


Castle & Key X Tamarelo

Lower East Side Tamarind Manhattan

1.0 OZ Restoration Rye
1.0 OZ Copper & Kings Raw Brandy
1.0 OZ Tamarelo
Dash of Peach Bitters

Add all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Stir. Pour over ice ball in rocks glass. Garnish with Chinese salted plum.